Brochure Design

wedding brochure sample

Forever In Bloom – Brochure Design Oklahoma City, OK.

Design done to advertise for Forever In Bloom, local flower preservation company in Oklahoma City, Ok.  Forever In Bloom is one of the first to pioneer the art of Floral Preservation.  Floral Preservation is taking your bouquet or other memorable flowers and freeze-drying them in their natural state.  This prevents damage to the lines, curves, stamens and colors of your delicate flowers. Most of their business comes from funerals and weddings.  This is the brochure design for customers who wish to preserve their wedding bouquet.

Since the company just transferred ownership they did not yet have good quality photographs of their work.  While we highly suggest that you do, Ocean Graphic Design can still design you an attractive advertisement using good quality stock photography.  Whatever your need we can work with you.